J'avais besoin de changer d'air, j'ai répondu moi même à mes attentes stay tuned ppl ;)

it look like the end of sales
Last small business found in the corners of the store & yes I've the eye especially as it had a lot pancho heist to buy and finally here it is in my closet !

well well
I expect my long weekend with impatience
and for now I leave u with these few words




Once a day
Your voice is everything I need
And all the things you've done
Give me power to succeed
I felt so many times
But you pulled me through
But in time I find myself yeah
I hope you see that tooCause when I feel scared
Sometimes I do
And when I feel scared
It seems that life is harder than I ever knew
Yeah when I feel scared
You are the only one
Who knows just what to say
So here am I to thank you

Selah Sue _ Mommy